+A Mixtape For The Soul+
So I've known you've done a lot of love playlists. And I found your master (which is great btw). But I have another request: wanting your ex back. (Thank you in advance!!)

I can try! It’ll be posted most likely this weekend! Thanks!

hey there :) no clue if you've already done something like this but if you have maybe just link me to it? :) I was wondering if you could make a playlist with songs/artists similiar to The 1975 since I feel like the radio at spotify doesn't quite get that one right - thank you in advance x

I don’t think I have done this one before, so I’ll make you one! (And, I hope I can make a playlist that you like, if Spotify Radio couldn’t do it, lol)

But, it shall be posted either this week or this weekend, just depends on when I get time to work on my requests :)

Wow, your blog is literal perfection! With such a wide music taste, how many songs are in your phone/itunes? Just curious. You slay😍

Thank you so much! And, I have 0 songs on my phone (takes up too much space) and I probably have a couple thousand in my iTunes! The rest I just have Spotify for. Also, you slay as well!

Request (cocoacoconut.tumblr.com): "A playlist for stars?" Okay, so this one was tough, so I basically just did some songs with stars in the title, sorry.

Spotify: Stars.


01. A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay // 02. Burn - Ellie Goulding // 03. When The Stars Go Blue - Ryan Adams // 04. Twilight Galaxy - Metric // 05. Counting Stars - OneRepublic

can you make a playlist with similar songs to Ain't It Fun by Paramore? thanks in advance love <3

You got it, lovely.

my best friend moved away and i've been feeling really sad lately. do you think you can put together a playlist of 'happy'/postive songs

I’m in the same boat because my best friend and I attend different universities. So, yes I can! :)

paper towns is my favorite john green novel!

Paper Towns seems like the winner! Thank you! :)

paper towns, will grayson will grayson, any of his books are great. and if you're like I guess into math, an abundance of katherines is really good too

Thank you! :)

About the john green novels...I recommend paper towns:) I really like it and it's such a fun book!

Thank you! :)


Out of John Green’s novels (besides TFIOS and LFA, I’ve read them already) which do you recommend?

Hello! First I'd like to say; I FUCKING LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Second, can you please do a playlist for teen angst? Or one for feminist? Thanks!!!!! <3

Hi! First I’d like to say; I FUCKING LOVE YOU! Second, yes, I can try! :)

I'm actually obsessed with your blog it is utter perfection

Wow, thank you so much! It blows my mind how so many people seem to like what I do. This means a lot, I’m glad that my blog helps in some way. You guys keep me going.

Hey do you have a sex mixtape? Like for with someone you love not a hookup mixtape.

I do! If you go to my latest post (Love Playlist Masterpost) you’ll find it there, it’s called Sweet Love.
I would link it right here but I’m on my phone.

I love you, but I will never tell you…instead I’ll make a playlist. A masterpost of all my love playlists. 

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Here’s a mix to get you even more ready for fall. 

[Spotify] x [8Tracks]

Falling Leaves - Tracklist:

01. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood // 02. Take Me Dancing - The Maine // 03. Bloom - The Paper Kites // 04. Overjoyed - Bastille // 05. I’ll Be There - Brighten // 06. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional // 07. Wake Me Up - Avicii // 08. Disappear - Parachute // 09. The Golden State - City And Colour // 10. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

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