+A Mixtape For The Soul+
I know there must be a lot of love based ones, but I would like a playlist for my boyfriend for his birthday, he likes indie rock, but I'd like some of the songs to be like boats and birds by gregory and the hawk, sorry for the inconvenience

It’s not an inconvenience at all! I can do that - I will work on it and it should be posted tomorrow!


Apparently I had a drawing assignment to do for class tomorrow, so if you requested something (I believe I only had to do a blog based and the AHS playlist) it will be done tomorrow! Sorry, my procrastination of my drawing class assignments is horrendous. 

Hi I just wanted to say your acc is amazing and I can tell you work really hard making them!! I haven't not liked a single song yet and I had been looking for new music so ily!!

Hi, thank you very much - This made my day! I’m glad you enjoy what I do, it makes it all the more rewarding. Hope you continue to like everything.

Thanks, I love you too <3

Just An FYI:

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st) I will be off of fall break and back at college (*resumes stress levels*). So, posting playlists will probably take a bit longer.

I worked my butt off this weekend to get every single request I received done. I think I completed over 40 requests, you guys kept me busy, lol.

Thanks again for all your support and patience, hope you guys still love me.

I’m forever thankful to you,


Hey so I'm the one who asked about the Season 1 American Horror Story playlist--so for a summary I would say I mostly think of Tate and Violet falling in love, their love for 90s grunge/punk rock, and also general betrayal (from Mr Harmon and eventually Tate) Thank you you have no idea how excited I am :)))

Thanks so much for the refresher! I hadn’t seen it since it first aired. I seriously love this show! (But since the new season apparently has a clown, I was like hellll no) Buuut, I hope it’ll be as good as you’re expecting it to be :)

Can i have a blog based playlist

Sure thing, love. It’ll be up tomorrow - Just turned my computer off.

HELLO I LOVE YOUR BLOG IT'S AWESOME. KEEP POSTING AWESOME PLAYLISTS.<3 Do you think you could make a playlist based on Supernatural? Thanks so much c:

HELLO I LOVE YOU YOU’RE AWESOME. KEEP BEING AWESOME. And I have actually done a Supernatural playlist already (If you don’t like it, let me know and I can try to do another)

Driver Picks The Music.

01. Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas // 02. Give Up The Ghost - U.S. Royalty // 03. Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi // 04. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor // 05. Demons - Imagine Dragons // 06. Slow Ride - Foghat // 07. Don’t Look Back - Boston // 08. Road To Nowhere - Ozzy Osbourne 

Request ( wildthingspoetry ): “Blog based playlist?” I just did songs that would aid in writing or even ready poetry. I hope you enjoy!


01. Let It Go - James Bay // 02. Mad Sounds - Arctic Monkeys // 03. Landslide - The Smashing Pumpkins // 04. 17 - Youth Lagoon // 05. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley // 06. Shades Of Cool - Lana Del Rey // 07. West Coast - The Neighbourhood

Request ( wednezdayaddams ): “Blog based playlist?” Hope you like it.


01. Stick Around - State Champs // 02. Government Trash - Death From Above 1979 // 03. Fine China - Chris Brown // 04. Flicker, Fade - Taking Back Sunday // 05. Floorboards - Real Friends // 06. St. Patrick - Pvris // 07. Ready And Willing - New Found Glory

hi, love! you run a wonderful blog - your mixes are so beautiful. I was wondering if perhaps you could make one based off of my blog, wildthingspoetry? as the title suggests, it's actually a poetry blog, so is that feasible?

Thank you very much, glad you think that of my work! And I can certainly try! It may just end up being songs that help aid in the writing of poetry?

Hello, sweetness! Would you mind making a playlist based on my blog? I adore your playlists, I check on your blog everyday to find new music c:

Hi there! Sure thing, lovely. Thank you so much - Glad I can help you find new music!

Do you think you could make a playlist based on season 1 of American Horror Story??

Yes, I could. But, I haven’t seen it since it aired so if you could just send me a summary or maybe the main points you want the songs for then that would help me out!

Request ( great—sunshine ): “Blog based playlist?” Hope you like it!


01. West Coast - Lana Del Rey // 02. I Do It All For You - SoMo // 03. Towers (Stop The Car Remix) - Bon Iver // 04. Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj // 05. Invent It All Again - Faded Paper Figures // 06. The Love Club - Lorde // 07. Latch - Disclosure, Sam Smith

hey! i really love your blog! can you make a playlist based on my blog? thanks :)

Hi! I really love you for saying that. And yes I can, love.

Request ( steves-finest-hour ): “A playlist for motivation to get out of bed?” Studies show this one is very helpful. (By studies I mean because I say so - It also helps to put you in a good mood)


Get Out Of Bed, Sleepyhead - Tracklist:

01. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit // 02. Higher - The Ready Set // 03. The Walker - Fitz And The Tantrums // 04. She Got The Honey - Mat Kearney // 05. Safe And Sound - Capital Cities // 06. The Days - Avicii // 07. Maps (Rumba Whoa Remix) - Maroon 5

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